Popular dwarf hamster cages for sale in the UK

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What's important when buying dwarf hamster cages?

With so many dwarf hamster cages for sale it's often bewildering but the main things to bear in mind are floor area, depth of base, security and price.

Do dwarf hamster cages need to be big?

Dwarf hamsters, despite being smaller than other types of hamster, still need plenty of space in their cage. Dwarf hamsters are very dynamic movers and will scamper around at very high speed. Good sized cages provide plenty of room for them to run around freely with less risk of injury. Larger cages with room for toys naturally provide a more interesting and stimulating environment for your hamster to live in.

You'll find it very entertaining watching your pet playing, exploring and going about the normal day-to-day business of a hamster.

Do dwarf hamsters like to burrow?

You'll get hours of entertainment just watching them burrow and play. Dwarf hamsters are great burrowers and cages with a deep base allow your hamster to indulge a natural instinct for burrowing. Essential for a happy dwarf hamster. And for anybody watching.

What are the most popular dwarf hamster cages for sale?

You'll find dwarf hamster cages in each of the 3 main cage designs: wire mesh, plastic modular, and glass cages, tanks and terrariums.

Click through the list below to see the types of dwarf hamster cages available for sale in the UK.

The Alaska Hamster Cage is a fantastic size and carries a surprisingly low price tag for a cage this size.

With a deep tray, excellent for burrowing, and gaps between bars of 0.9 mm it's suitable as either a dwarf hamster cage or Syrian hamster cage.

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The Barney Hamster cage is one of the larger dwarf hamster cages with a floor space of 4,182 cm2. It comes with a wooden platform, ladder and house.

Although the Barney hamster cage is no longer being sold by Zooplus you can still find it sometimes on eBay.

To easily see a list of Barney cages currently on eBay (without leaving the Hamster Cages HQ website) just use the handy link on our main Barney cage page.

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The Circus Fun dwarf hamster cage is one of the smaller cages available and you'll find better options that provide a bigger living space for your dwarf hamster. If you have a pair of dwarfs then a larger dwarf hamster cage is definitely required.

You can check out the sizes of all dwarf hamster cages using our hamster cages list.

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The Creepy Castle from Rotastak is not, strictly speaking, a dwarf hamster cage, but according to the manufacturers the layout can be changed to make it suitable for dwarf hamsters.

There are 2 versions (1 and 2) for sale around the net with the later version 2 having extra “attic” rooms and a transport unit making a larger (in total) cage so be careful to check with the seller before placing an order.

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The Falco Small Pet Cage Large is a pretty popular cage and it's easy to see why. Using both a glass tank and large wire mesh cage it combines the best of both types of dwarf hamster cage.

Providing a great burrowing experience and lots of space for your hamster, with great visibility and easy cleaning for you, it's well worth considering this dwarf hamster cage.

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The Falco Small Pet Cage Medium is the little brother in the range. Also combining a large glass tank with a large wire mesh cage it provides your dwarf hamster with what it needs in terms of living space.

Dwarf hamsters especially like to burrow so a lovely deep glass section is ideal.

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The Genus 200 Hamster Cage is a mid-sized wire-mesh hamster cage from Rotastak.

It's available at a pretty good price considering its size. However, size isn't everything.

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This is the largest of the Hagen Living World Green Eco Habitat range of environmentally friendly plastic tank-style Syrian / dwarf hamster cages.

The floor area of this cage measures a whopping 5,635 cm2 and is the biggest hamster cage on Hamster Cages HQ.

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There are 3 sizes in the Living World Green Eco Habitat range of hamster cages from Hagen

This model, the middle cage in the range, has a floor area of 5,225 cm2. Being of a tank design, rather than bars, it makes a very good dwarf & Syrian hamster cage.

This hamster cage is constructed using environmentally friendly rubber-wood.

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The Living World Green Eco Habitat gets its name from the environmentally friendly rubber wood used in its construction

Providing a huge space for your furry friend this is a dwarf hamster cage near the top end of the range in terms of size and price.

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Look around the net and you'll see that many people consider the Mini Duna to be a great cage to go with.

This dwarf hamster cage combines a nice size with a great price and should definitely be looked at before buying something else.

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The Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat is certainly a different kind of dwarf hamster cage.

The design of this dwarf hamster cage is based upon how dwarf hamsters apparently build their burrows in the wild.

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The Rotastak Pink Palace is another of the Rotastak modular hamster cage range and is more or less the same as the other cages (eg Creepy Castle, Space Command etc) — apart from being a very PINK hamster cage.

Please note the picture here is not the layout for dwarf hamsters — dwarf hamsters need an alternate cage layout.

You'll find a link to the instructions for the alternate layout on our main Pink Palace page.

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The Rosewood PICO XL Hamster Cage is the best-selling cage on Amazon. With double the height of the standard PICO cage and loads of platforms there's plenty to keep a hamster occupied.

Please note that the PICO XL is not suitable for dwarf hamsters less than 8 weeks old, or Roborovski hamsters as the gaps between bars will be too big.

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Small Pet Terrarium Kerry is a lovely glass hamster cage suitable for dwarf hamsters.

It comes with some lovely wooden accessories and is the same size as the Falco Small Pet Cage Medium but is quite a bit cheaper.

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The Rotastak Space Command is not primarily a dwarf hamster cage but can be adapted using an alternate horizontal layout.

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What else should I know about dwarf hamster cages?

For more pointers and info read general info about dwarf hamster cages.