What exactly is the Ferplast Karat 60?

The Ferplast Karat 60 is a large glass hamster cage with a wire hamster cage on top. You can easily view, access and clean your hamster. Your Syrian hamster gets a big space to play and explore that allows it to burrow and climb.

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Ferplast Karat 60 glass hamster cage

Is the Karat 60 for Syrian & dwarf hamsters?

The Karat 60 is for Syrian hamsters only.

The gaps between the bars of the wire section are too large for some types of dwarf hamster – especially baby dwarf hamsters.

How big is the Ferplast Karat 60?

The cage dimensions of the Ferplast Karat 60 are

  • height: 53 cm
  • depth: 39 cm
  • width: 60 cm

This provides a floor area for your hamster of 2,321 cm2.

Is the Karat 60 roomy enough?

The Karat 60 has a nice deep wide tank which allows for more natural burrowing and movement. With the wire hamster cage on top it also provides a good opportunity for your hamster to climb—Syrian hamsters love to climb.

You should always get the biggest hamster cage you can afford.

Hamsters can travel great distances, usually at night, so it’s important to provide as big an area as possible for them to exercise in.

What do I get with the Karat 60?

You’ll find the following free accessories in the box when you receive your Karat 60

  • water bottle
  • feeding bowl
  • house / nest
  • plastic clips
  • exercise wheel
  • wooden shelves and ladders
  • assembly instructions

Will the wooden shelves soak up hamster wee?

Your wooden shelves won’t soak up hamster wee, rot or become smelly as they have a liquid resistant surface.

Should I replace the Karat 60 wheel?

The exercise wheel that comes free with the cage will be okay for a young hamster but probably not for a fully grown Syrian hamster.

Make sure your adult Syrian hamster is able to use the wheel without having to arch its back as this can lead to painful health issues.

How do I access the wire cage section?

You’ve got 2 options for reaching in to handle your hamster as there are doors in the top and the front side of the cage.

Is it easy to put the Ferplast Karat 60 together?

Assembly of the Karat 60 is designed to be as straightforward as possible. The main tasks are

  1. Insert the wooden shelves into the wire hamster cage.
  2. Attach the ladders to the wooden shelves.
  3. Add the feet to the glass hamster cage.
  4. Place the plastic clips onto the top of the glass hamster cage.
  5. Put the wire hamster cage on top of the glass hamster cage.
  6. Secure the two cages together using the metal clips.

See the ‘Useful links’ section at the bottom of this page.

Do I need special tools to assemble the Karat 60?

No, you don’t need tools to put the cage together.

Is the Karat 60 easy to clean?

The wire cage can easily be lifted off the glass cage for cleaning.

You won’t spend ages cleaning your cage as there are no fiddly, awkward bits to deal with unlike some of the modular hamster cages.

The drawback of a glass hamster cage is that you may need help to move the actual glass part as glass is naturally heavier than other materials.

How much will the Ferplast Karat 60 cost?

The price you pay online will vary but you can usually find it on offer at Amazon for around £80 often with free delivery—see bottom of page for current best price.

Are there any other Ferplast Karat cages?

There are 2 other larger glass hamster cages available in the Ferplast Karat range

Useful links for more Karat 60 info

  • Model: Karat 60 Hamster and Mouse Glass Cage
  • Brand: Ferplast
  • For Hamster Breed:
    Dwarf: Syrian:
  • Type: Glass & Wire mesh
  • Platforms: 2
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 53 cm,
    Depth: 39 cm,
    Width: 60 cm
  • Floor area: 2,321 cm2

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