The Imac Fantasy is a popular cage for Syrian hamsters mainly due to the cage dimensions - it has an upper level the same size as its lower level.

The two levels are connected by a curved tunnel with the upper level having its own built-in nesting area.

If you feel the standard Imac Fantasy hamster cage doesn't quite provide enough room then it can be connected to an extension kit (which you need to buy separately) to add yet more room on top of the original cage.

For some reason many Syrian hamster cages come with exercise wheels that are actually too small for Syrian hamsters and the Imac Fantasy is no different — you'll need to buy a larger wheel and swap it.

Some people found that the discs in the lid, that are used for access to the Fantasy's upper level, became a little loose and had to remedy that with some tape to keep them in place in order to stop their hamsters from escaping.

It can also be a little awkward to clean the Fantasy quickly due to the bumpy bits in the upper level.

All in all though this cage is definitely well liked.

  • Model: Fantasy Hamster Cage
  • Brand: Imac
  • For Hamster Breed:
    Dwarf: Syrian:
  • Type: Wire mesh
  • Platforms: 1
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 39 cm,
    Depth: 38 cm,
    Width: 58 cm
  • Floor area: 2,204 cm2

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