The Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat has a domed main living area with doors that cleverly slide back to allow easy access to your pet dwarf.

The sliding doors and curved corners also make it an easy job for you to clean the cage.

You can remove the top section of the cage so that you can use it as a transport unit, or to just keep him out of the way while you clean the rest of the cage.

You'll get the following accessories free with this hamster habitat: water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel and transport unit.

If you don't already have all the gear for a hamster this cage is worth considering as a starter kit - all you need to provide is bedding, food and of course the hamster.

Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat drawbacks

All cages have their good and bad points and this dwarf hamster habitat is no different. The chief complaint is about the water bottle which is reported to be pretty leaky. However some found that if they shook it and placed it just so then it was fine - more reviews.

Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat video review

I stumbled across the video review below and thought I'd link to it as it seems to cover most of the main points - well done Happy Hamster, great review!

  • Model: Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat
  • Brand: Habitrail
  • For Hamster Breed:
    Dwarf: Syrian:
  • Type: Plastic modular
  • Platforms: 0
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 31 cm,
    Depth: 31 cm,
    Width: 36 cm
  • Floor area: 1,086 cm2

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