Want a nice hamster cage for your pet?
Don't want to pay a huge sum for it?
Considering the Rosewood PICO XL Hamster Cage?

The Rosewood Pico XL Hamster Cage

The Rosewood Pico XL is the larger of the two cages in the Pico Hamster Cage range. With a height of 47 cm, width of 50 cm and depth of 36 cm, it's suitable for Syrian Hamsters. As the gap between the bars sits at 8.5 mm the Pico XL hamster cage is also suitable for Dwarf Hamsters from 6-8 weeks of age except Roborovski's.

It's also available in three colours: pink; silver; translucent teal.

The Pico XL is described as being a fully-furnished hamster home so lets find out what a fully-furnished hamster home comes with.

Fully furnished hamster home

Ever wondered what a fully-furnished hamster cage is supposed to have in it? Well, this Rosewood hamster cage comes with the following:

  • an integrated room at the top of the cage (aka a ‘loft den’)
  • a ‘drop-in’ water bottle
  • a food dish
  • a solid hamster wheel

As you can see the list of free accessories coming with the Pico XL is about the same as with most other hamster cages these days however that's pretty good considering what a cheap hamster cage this actually is — at this stage that's purely a comment on the price of the Pico XL and not the quality.

Rosewood Pico XL main features

New and improved Pico XL loft den

The new and improved loft den is designed to offer you and your children greater opportunities for interaction with your hamster. Having a house at the top of the cage is pretty handy compared to trying to squeeze your hands through the cage doors in order to handle your hamster so that's a definite bonus - assuming your hamster uses the den that is.

Pico XL drop-in water bottle provides quick & easy water changing

Having a drop-in water bottle can be much less fiddly than having to try and secure a water bottle through the bars in the side of the hamster cage. Providing it's a decent water bottle that doesn't leak that's a definite winner for us.

Twin doors for easier access

Doors in both the roof and the side of the hamster cage are a definite bonus in a cage with this sort of height. Having a single door at the bottom of one of the cage sides can make retrieving your hamster awkward, if it's at the top of the cage, so a door in the roof of the cage is useful.

Multi-level platforms for exercise and exploration

Syrian hamsters love to climb and if you have a Syrian he's sure to love the climbing on offer in the Pico XL.There are 3 platforms for your hamster to explore, plus the loft den, so this hamster cage should provide reasonable exercise and exploration compared to some other cages.

One-piece upper hamster cage for easy cleaning

In this hamster cage, all the platforms, and the den, are actually attached to the upper wire section of the cage.

Being able to remove the whole of the top section of the cage in one go makes cleaning simple, quick and easy. Not having to remove every item from the cage before you can clean it is a great time-saver.

What do buyers of the Rosewood Pico XL say?

We've had a look around the internet to find out what people that have already bought the Pico XL really think about it. It seems that opinion is divided as some people absolutely love it whilst others have completely the opposite opinion of it.

There's no doubt the Pico XL is a good hamster cage for the money but does that make it a good hamster cage for your hamster. Your hamsters needs are the most important thing to bear in mind so think carefully…

There are currently over 75 Pico XL reviews on Amazon and we recommend you read them before making up your mind to buy the Rosewood Pico XL.

  • Model: Rosewood PICO XL Hamster Cage
  • Brand: Rosewood
  • For Hamster Breed:
    Dwarf: Syrian:
  • Type: Wire mesh
  • Platforms: 4
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 47 cm,
    Depth: 36 cm,
    Width: 50 cm
  • Floor area: 1,800 cm2

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