Super Pod is for Syrian hamsters

The Super Pod hamster cage by Rotastak is designed for Syrian hamsters rather than for Dwarf hamsters. The Super Pod is unsuitable for Dwarfs mainly due to the size of the gaps between the bars which are wide enough to allow young Dwarf hamsters to pass through through them. The tube may also be too small for some dwarf hamsters. For suitable dwarf hamster cages see our list of dwarf hamster cages.

Super Pod cage design

The Super Pod is one of the triangular shaped Syrian hamster cages from Rotastak. It's actually the same cage as the Rotastak Cosmo Pod but with the addition of a tube and exercise wheel.

The bottom of the cage is a removable plastic tray. The two longest sides are split in half with one half being of clear plastic and the other being of metal bars.

The cage is accessed through a single door in one of the metal bar sections.

Both ends of the cage are plastic sections that have ports that allow tubes and accessories to be fitted.

The plastic sided section of the cage has a red plastic platform.

Super Pod hamster cage accessories

The Super pod comes with the following accessories in the box:

  • Water bottle
  • Food dish
  • Anti-gnaw rings

At one end of the cage there's a plastic water bottle and a tube, from the upper section of the cage to the lower section, and at the other end is a hamster wheel.

The Super Pod is compatible with the Rotastak range of extension units, pods and accessories such as

  • wheels
  • water bottles
  • Pod Rotastak
  • Maxi Rotastak
  • Original Rotastak

Rotastak Super Pod reviews

We've searched for reviews of the Super Pod from what seem like real buyers. For the most part reviews seem to be fairly positive. However the less favourable reviews tend to raise concerns about the Super Pod that you should be aware of before deciding to buy it. The concerns raised are pretty standard issues for cages at this lower end of the market.

Super Pod Pros

  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry

Super Pod Cons

  • The cage is hard to clean as to do it thoroughly it has to be completely dismantled. To clean inside without dismantling is difficult because the door is fairly small and the interior of the cage is fairly narrow.
  • Many reviewers are of the opinion that the Super Pod is too small (to be used as the sole cage for a fully grown adult Syrian hamster) and instead use it connected to other Rotastak cages.
  • Some reviewers mention that the port covers in either end of the cage are not particularly strong and were pushed out by their hamsters.
  • The triangular design of the cage doesn't leave a great deal of room for additional housing and toys to provide additional stimulation for the hamster.
  • The exercise wheel is noisy and hard to clean as many hamsters use the wheel for sleeping and food storage.

Final thoughts on the Super Pod

It's impossible to deny that many buyers seem perfectly happy with their Super Pods. However reading the comments that people have left about the drawbacks of this cage it seems that these failings are common in cages at this price point.

For us the size of the cage and it's triangular design is the main sticking point as it doesn't provide a great deal of usable space. Looking at our comparison list of hamster cages you will see there are other cages that are quite a bit bigger without being much dearer. We'd recommend checking out other cages before deciding to buy the Super Pod.

  • Model: Super Pod Hamster Cage
  • Brand: Rotastak
  • For Hamster Breed:
    Dwarf: Syrian:
  • Type: Plastic modular
  • Platforms: 1
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 30 cm,
    Depth: 26 cm,
    Width: 61 cm
  • Floor area: 1,586 cm2

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